Seller Closing Costs Explained

Seller Closing Costs

When it comes to selling your house, there are seller transaction costs that you need to be aware of.  These costs are called seller closing costs.  Closing costs vary by location and some of these can be negotiated with the buyer during the price negotiation of your purchase contract.  In most cases the customary seller’s closing costs for Southern California typically include:


  •          Real Estate Sales Commissions
  •          Title Insurance
  •          Seller’s portion of escrow fees including paperwork, notary, delivery, wiring, and recording fees
  •          Loan payoff fees
  •          Termite Repairs
  •          Homeowner association dues and transfer Fees
  •          City transfer tax
  •          County transfer tax
  •          Federal transfer tax
  •          Disclosure report fees
  •          Prorated property taxes
  •          Home warranty plan
  •          Repairs
  •          Government required retro fit repairs
  •          Attorney fees

Each home sale is unique and the dollar amount of the seller’s closing costs can vary greatly depending on the sales price, scope of the property, transaction complexity, and what is agreed upon within the purchase contract.  For more information on the closing costs that would apply towards the sale of your home please contact me. 
Before closing on your new home make sure to get an estimated closing statement or settlement statement containing an itemized list of your closing fees from the escrow officer.  Review the list comparing it with the sales contract.  Question any changes or additional fees.    

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